Midland Group’s fields encompass a sprawling 11,000ha total land and our maize, sorghum, soy and sunflowers are grown using a crop rotation system.

Planting occurs from September to December, with the harvest taking place between May and June.

Before planting, the ground is fertilised using manure from our own feedlots, ensuring rich soil and an eco-friendly closed system. We take the utmost care to keep our crops healthy during the growing phase, using only the best quality nutrients.

After harvesting, our fleet of specialised vehicles transports the harvest to our storage silos. The silos are equipped with convenient loading and collection bays to keep products as fresh as possible before transportation, whether with our fleet or with a buyer’s.

A portion is also milled at our in-house facilities to produce the top-quality animal feed used in our own feedlots.


The process of nurturing and maintaining our superior herds of cattle and sheep starts long before they even arrive at our feedlots.

After weaning, our calves and lambs are pre-conditioned to withstand the stresses associated with leaving the home farm, acclimatise them to their future home and protect them from disease. This makes the adjustment to their new feedlot much less stressful, and the less stress an animal endures, the better its health and daily gain is.

Midland Group also has a fleet of specialised vehicles designed to make the transportation process as stress-free as possible for the animals.

At our spotless feedlots, animals have enough space to roam freely and are comprehensively monitored to ensure their well-being. They’re dipped, dewormed and vaccinated upon arrival with prescription products supplied by our registered veterinarian, and our nutrition consultant supplies the different rations to be used. Thereafter, their diet is monitored daily.
We firmly believe that cuts should not be trimmed lean and healthy, but that an animal should be fed lean and kept healthy. The more natural the environment, the better the end product. Midland meat is lean, tender, healthy and selected according to the strictest A-grade specifications – from purchase through the growth process and the final product.


Our three abattoirs in Vereeniging, Wolwehoek and Harrismith are maintained to the highest standards required for international-quality meat processing. We’re proud to have ZA-grade status at our Vereeniging branch, which allows us to export our products, and we make sure to always adhere to these stringent standards.

Before arrival, animals are transported in our specialised fleet to ensure minimal stress, and slaughtering is done quickly and humanely. We conduct on-going audits and inspections in order to maintain consistent quality in both our processes and products. Superior hygiene practices and full traceability means our customers can rest at ease knowing every product is safe, healthy and of superior quality.

We use the most advanced equipment and technology available in the industry to produce our premium beef, pork and lamb products, and currently process around 128,000 head of cattle per year. Carcasses are split into two forequarters and two hindquarters and sold as is or further processed into expertly cut portions and retail-ready processed products.


Operating a piggery has become an exact science and we’re proud of our ability to stay ahead of the curve, raise healthy animals and produce nutritious, high-quality products. We’re committed to continuously finding ways to innovate in order to be an industry leader.

We invest only in superior breeding lines that produce excellent stock for efficient farming and top-quality pork products. Our pigs are fed scientifically balanced rations prescribed by a nutritionist, while a registered veterinarian ensures the animals’ continued health, welfare and comfort.

As with our other herds, we believe that keeping healthy animals is key to ensuring a high-quality end product, and that the animals’ rights should be maintained at all times. As such, we employ responsible, sustainable farming practices at our piggeries – from animal handling and breeding to feeding and waste management.

Regular auditing ensures that animal health and welfare, general herd management and food safety are up to standard during every step of the process from the farm to the consumer.


Packaging is an often-overlooked part of the meat production industry, but it’s an integral step in creating products of superior quality and meeting our customers’ high expectations.

After processing at the abattoir, our beef, pork and lamb carcasses are further sectioned into primal cuts before packaging. In accordance with our FSSC 22000-certification and export-grade approval, the meat is monitored every step of the way and the latest food safety standards are adhered to. State-of-the-art equipment ensures that we produce precise and consistent products from manufacturing to packaging.

Our delicious Boerie Burger patties and Boerewors products, made in-house, as well as fresh frozen products for trade and the food service industry.


Midland Group is proud to offer luxurious leisure opportunities through our aviation services and private game reserve.


Shelanti Game Reserve is situated in the Waterberg-region in Limpopo and provides the ultimate in catered stay-over relaxation.

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