At Midland Group, we know that people, not profits, are the buildings blocks of success.

That’s why we recruit the best individuals and empower them through on-going training, research and technology. In our constant quest for excellence, we task them to provide only the best possible service, and reward them for their efforts.

We currently boast a staff complement of 1,100 and are continually expanding.

Edwin Claassen

Midland Group of Companies

Jacques Beukes

Midland Group of Companies

Rikus Reynders

Fabvleis (Pty) Ltd. and
EAC Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd.


From agriculture to feeding and deboning to packing, we aim to maintain the highest standards during every step from the farm to your plate – ensuring superior, delicious, succulent meat.

Our goal is to become the trusted name in quality meat and to be known for our excellent service, high standards and innovation.

During this process, we’re also committed to a strict policy of maintaining the five rights of farm animals:

  • · Their rights to freedom of movement
  • · Free access to fresh feed and water at all times
  • · Appropriate healthcare
  • · Freedom from injury and suffering
  • · Freedom from harassment

This vision stems from our proud heritage and ethics, a legacy we want to maintain and build on as we continually grow our business.


To consistently provide the highest possible quality meat and meat products, services and customer experience – making our brand synonymous with excellence.


Managing and monitoring every step of the way from the farm to your plate is key in providing the high-quality products we’ve become known for. To do this, we have a large fleet of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty specialised vehicles to transport the bulk of our produce, livestock and meat products over both short and long distances.

Our livestock vehicles are modified to prevent injuries, minimize stress and keep animals as comfortable as possible; while our agricultural vehicles and refrigerated delivery trucks are modified to ensure absolute freshness of every item transported.

By employing the most advanced fleet monitoring practices, maintaining strict hygiene standards and servicing our top-of-the-line vehicles at our in-house workshop, we can ensure that everything we transport will arrive safe and sound and perfectly healthy.


Stay Safe. For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health’s website at www.sacoronavirus.co.za