Boerie Burger

After decades in the industry, we’ve come to think of ourselves as meat connoisseurs. That’s why we decided to create the most succulent, flavourful burger patty we could imagine, and share it with the world. The Boerie Burger is a mouth-watering patty made with only the highest-quality meat and spices. It contains no unpronounceable fillers and additives – just real food made with care.

We launched the Boerie Burger in June 2017 and it became a fast favourite among other meat lovers. Today, it’s available at all leading retailers in convenient, ready-to-cook packs. Simply grill your patty, add a fresh bun and your favourite toppings, and tuck into a delicious meal with that steakhouse flavour South Africans have come to know and love.


Midland Meat is a trusted supplier of beef, pork and lamb carcasses to vendors and purveyors of fine meat across the country. Our clean and modern facilities allow us to keep a close eye on every step of the process in cutting two forequarters and two hindquarters from each carcass.

Forequarters produce the tastiest cuts of meat, although they’re less tender and thus require longer cooking processes. Hindquarters produce tender cuts such as steaks, ideal for dry cooking methods. Contrary to popular belief, both types contain roughly the same fat percentage, but forequarters contain slightly more bone and connective tissue.


We understand that even the best meat can be ruined by an incorrect cut, which is why every employee in the primal cuts- and deboning divisions receives extensive training.

The result is a full range of beef, pork and lamb primal cuts and deboned cuts of premium quality. From the forequarters, we produce neck, chuck, brisket, blade and shin cuts; while sirloin, flank, rump, topside, silverside and knuckle are taken from the hindquarters. Each cut is perfectly placed to produce a succulent piece of meat with the optimum ratio of meat to fat, and any excess is expertly trimmed to the customer’s requirements.

Beef Fillet
Beef Rump
Beef Sirloin

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